Unlisted: Bot Instructions


I wrote my bot in C# so you’re going to need Visual Studio Community to write and compile that. This package will install the Visual Studio Installer, the preset you need it .net desktop development.

Once in Visual Studio you want to create a new Console App, what you name it is entirely up to you. From here on I’ll use screencaps from the program that runs my image bots.

Once you’re in the project you want to right click on the project and click Manage NuGet Packages… and look up and install the package linqtotwitter this will handle everything to do with authenticating with and posting to Twitter.

You’ll have to hit Yes on a few extra dialogues because linqtotwitter has its own dependencies.

Anyway lets head over to Twitter and prepare things there.

Setting up over on Twitter

The least complicated way to do this is by using personal access tokens, which probably doesn’t say much for you but I’ll show you what it is. You’re going to want to head over to apps.twitter.com¬†whilst logged into the account you want to run the bot on (note that it has to be a phone verified account, annoyingly enough), then click the Create New App button in the top right. Nothing you enter here will matter much, other than that what you set as the name will show up as the source in Tweetdeck (where it would say Twitter for Android, for example). After you’ve created the app you want to go over to the Permissions tab and make sure it has at least Read and Write permissions.

For now we’re done here, but you might want to keep your tab open because you’re going to need to copy stuff from it in the next section.


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